Types of goods

Main routes
We have the ability to carry the following types of goods:

International goods transport.

General goods are those goods that do not require special transport conditions.

We transport general goods in groupage, complete or express in and from Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, England, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Bulgaria, Republic of Moldova.

Carrying up hangers is done in full or grouped mode, with trucks that can load from 1 bar (grouped in low capacity trucks) to 100 bars in 20 ton trucks.

HD TRANS TEXTIL carries out international transport of vehicles specially designed for the transport of dangerous goods ADR.

We carry out mobile transport, relocations and international relocation. The transports are made by trucks of small capacity 15 – 20-36 mc.

We carry international trucking with standard trucks, mega trucks and special trailers.

We can transport Romania – Europe and Europe – Romania:

– agricultural machinery (tractors, combines, seed drills, plows, discs, balers, mowers, sprayers, etc.)

-building equipment

-products for the petroleum industry

-all industrial buildings and metal constructions

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We have the ability to transport goods that require controlled temperature during transport.

The trucks are equipped with aggregates that can provide the temperature in the range of -20 ° C / + 20 ° C, they can carry fresh, chilled, semi-gelled or frozen goods.

We transport flowers, fruits, vegetables, food, pharmaceuticals, etc.

The trucks are equipped with recording and temperature monitoring equipment, with the ability to print temperature charts.